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The Goddess Mélusine possessed a dual nature; half human, half water-nymph. The duality of her beauty and magic epitomizes all that is fierce. Like the Water Goddess, Mélusine Media was created with a dual nature. We represent some of the Industry’s best models, makeup artist, and stylist.  With the same beauty and magic of its nom de guerre, we are not only the face of the fashion industry, we are the beating heart of it as well.


Our models not only have a heart for fashion, they have a heart for social, cultural, community, economic, and environmental change. We don’t just develop models, we develop models with character. Our models contribute their time and talent to their specific philanthropic cause---all a part of the beauty and magic that is Mélusine Media. But don’t let our social conscious fool you. We still produce some the fiercest models in fashion and entertainment. We are literally changing the face of model management. No more business as usual. Say goodbye to the status quo. Mélusine Media is the heart of model management.

The game needs to change. There

isn't just one definition of beauty.



310 N. Indian Hill Blvd.

Claremont, CA 91711

Suite #516

Tel: 909-963-3170

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